launching fall 2020


As veterans of the corporate housing industry we decided it was time to reinvent how this industry works.

We are doing this by creating true partnerships with the leading property management companies. Eliminating supply chain inefficiencies. Bringing true real-time booking to consumers. Increasing the bottom line for property managers while reducing cost to consumers. All by horizontally and vertically integrating every aspect of the corporate housing market through the most technologically advanced platform ever.

The All New Corporate Housing Experience - powered by GoRoverGo.


- SAVE time and effort

- take CONTROL

- increase VISIBILITY

- enhance OCCUPANCY

- drive REVENUE

  • It's Free
    • There is no cost to property managers when you partner with GoRoverGo.
  • GoRoverGo integrates directly with your Property Management System
    • At launch, GoRoverGo will work with Yardi's property management solution. In subsequent quarters we will be rolling out integration with Realpage, Entrada and numerous others.
  • Increase Revenue
    • GoRoverGo’s dynamic pricing algorithm works similar to Yardi RENTMaximizer and Real Page Yieldstar. We maximize your units rent potential based on historical data in the corporate housing market.
  • Virtual Inventory vs. Fixed Inventory
    • Your empty units become virtual corporate housing inventory. We set them up and tear them down on demand. No need to commit to costly fixed inventory.
  • Capture walk-in/call-in/website corporate housing prospects
    • Quote directly to prospects instead of having to refer them to a third-party corporate housing company. Advertise corporate units directly on your websites and marketing materials.
  • Open new target markets
    • GoRoverGo targets business professionals in multiple industries that are looking for corporate housing. Partnering with us allows you to market directly to this type of customer.
  • One Partner equals consistent processes and communications
    • Timely communications on furniture deliveries/pick-ups, utility setups and customer arrival ensure there’s no disruption to your daily on-site operations.
  • Gain high-level control
    • Ensure consistency in your corporate housing program. Set the number of units for corporate housing available per property. Gain insight by knowing exactly how much business you’re doing with corporate customers, and where.
  • Secure Online Identity, Background and Credit Checks
    • Ensuring compliance with Federal Fair Housing laws, KYC, GDPR, AML and PSD2. Tenant information is securely transmitted directly into your existing Property Management System (Yardi etc.) saving your staff time and you money.
  • GoRoverGo Portal
    • Industry leading portal designed for individuals and businesses of all sizes to acquire and manage their corporate housing units. Includes in depth reporting tools for companies.


  • Sales Generation
    • Just like Amazon takes the products of tens of thousands of companies and sells it on their website, we take your existing empty unit inventory (from Yardi; Real Page coming soon) and place it on our website for business travelers, relocation companies and others to search.
  • Pricing
    • We take the market rent rate from your PMS, sprinkle some algorithm magic on it, and out pops a price to the consumer that includes rent, utilities, furniture/housewares, etc.
  • Logistics
    • GoRoverGo handles the setup/teardown of the unit including all furnishings, housewares, utilities, etc. We also pay all of the associated cost.
  • Customer Service
    • GoRoverGo manages all inbound customer calls for maintenance or other issues and coordinates directly with your staff.
  • Revenue Collection
    • Like Amazon, we handle the sales aspect, collect the monies and disburse rent payments directly to your properties each month.

GoRoverGo makes directly offering corporate housing to your customers simple, efficient and cost effective. All in a no risk platform that expands your revenue channels.


Coming Q2 2020
Coming 2020

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